The tangible value of goods is the outcome of an inherent and persuasive quality that covers all the facets of business life: from how raw materials are selected to how products are made, including the organisation of processes and the working environment.

For Hardis, reliability is a core organisational priority and a key element to achieving operational excellence.

Constant management of the manufacturing cycle on both goods and processes and efficient tracking on every single phase of production, empowers us to guarantee high quality standards.

We have our own labs where we usually perform chemical and physical tests to ensure that our products meet with national and international requirements.



"More from Less. Our goal is to produce more and better, using less resources."

Hardis is committed to creating quality, well-being and, above all, positive impacts on the environment, individuals, the society and industry with tremendous passion and dedication. We believe that the future must be sustainable and dependent on everyone's participation.

"More from Less" is our international philosophy. On this, we have developed our strategic vision, which is to create better opportunities for our world, the people and the generations to come. We are very attentive to the proper handling of all raw materials.

Throughout our production cycle, the process of use of materials involves recycling filtering and processing of waste.