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The cost of a kitchen renovation, much like any other renovation, can vary dramatically based on several different factors.

The size, types of finishes, existing and potential plumbing situation, lighting needs and prices of appliances open the door to many different budget scenarios.

In saying this, it is always good to have a ballpark figure based on the three tiers that make up a kitchen design budget.

Let’s discover what a “budget”, “mid-range” and “luxury” kitchen means in terms of your hip pocket, and what you should expect to achieve out of your investment.

Tier 1 – Budget Kitchen Renovation

Cost – A low range kitchen makeover can range between $10,000 and $25,000, this usually depends on the size and scale of the work involved.

Features – A small sized kitchen, with a basic style of cabinetry, laminated bench tops paired with economic appliances are good to keep your kitchen within this budget range.

Saving Ideas – It is easier to remain in the budget range if you are a D.I.Y enthusiast and have all the resources and skills to assemble the carcass yourself.

Hardis has a large range of D.I.Y kitchen cabinets which can help you achieve this at the most competitive costs.

This approach might not give the best finish or design but is the best way to save labour costs.

Tip 1 – Avoid relocating your kitchen so the plumbing doesn’t have to be moved, this will help you remain in this budget range. Ask friends or family to help assembling the kitchen.

Tier 2 – Mid-Range Kitchen Renovation

Cost - A mid-range kitchen makeover can cost anything between $25,000-$50,000, you can use some interior design skills to remain in budget.

FeaturesIntricate styles and finishes can surprisingly creep up the cost, a keen design eye can mix and match finishes to remain in the budget.

Saving Ideas – For the stone-top consider Caesarstone vast range of products, especially the new ‘Empira White’ which is a unique marble quartz adding to the design element of the kitchen.

Use veneer instead of timber paired with marble look finishes and styles to remain in budget.

Ditch pure wood cabinets and consider replacing it with Laminex’s timber-veneer range to significantly cut costs.

Tip 2 – Hire a professional plumber / trades person and get a floor plan made so you don’t face any mechanical glitches soon.

Tier 3 – Luxury Kitchen Renovation

Cost – A high-end kitchen comes with a hefty price tag. Kitchens in this category can range between $50,000 - $100,000+ for the ultimate luxurious kitchen.

Features – These kitchens are usually in houses with an open-space living area connecting the kitchen.

There will be a requirement of a professional interior designer to merge both the spaces to look seamless.

High-end appliances like sub-zero fridges, smart kitchen appliances which will automate most of the cooking processes in the house.

Tip 3 – Using high end hardware and appliances can really amp up the budget but wont fail to deliver the amazing luxurious space that the heart of your home deserves.

At Hardis we can help you make your dream kitchen into reality at an affordable cost.

With 30 years of industry experience, we promise the best custom made residential and commercial furniture solutions.

Visit our website today or shoot us a mail and let one of our experts make your kitchen dreams come true.

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