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For a room as important as the kitchen, the term “trend” can be quite putting-off and scary.

This is because majority of the materials in the kitchen are very big / permanent / they cost a lot.

With companies launching new products every year, it is common for your kitchen to lose its novelty factor in a couple of years.

The good news is, we have come up with 5 trends which you can use to style your kitchen and give it a classic look to match the trends for the next few years.

A major question surrounding our designers and customers are based around, popular hardware, cabinet design and colour, flooring, lighting, stone-tops, appliances and the list never ends.

Our list shall help any professional or kitchen design enthusiast to design their next Kitchen project.

1. Dark Counter tops are back with a twist

Dark Counter tops hit the furniture market with a bang in the early 2000’s, the style back then included shiny black granite which was then paired with dark-woody cabinetry.

2019 has a different idea for counter tops. Leather textures can matte finish stone tops give a modern look yet keeping your kitchen classic.

Tip 1 - We recommend Caesarstone's Dark Cabinet range paired with our Woody Noir cabinetry to achieve this look.

2. High-end Appliances

2018 featured kitchen appliances being integrated inside the kitchen furniture, it’s a great idea for a mono look.

But, after seeing and using some of the high-end, unique appliances in the market – Miele, why would you want to hide them. It has become a compulsion to show them off.

It might seem as an unnecessary investment presently, but it will help make your kitchen- classy, timeless and functional.

Tip 2 – Integrating smart appliances is becoming a trend and appliance manufacturers are constantly launching solutions which are aesthetic and functional at the same time.

3. Go sleek with linear lighting

Minimalist and seamless kitchens are a major trend in 2019 and lighting is following the same path.

Pendant lighting has been everyone’s first choice since the past few years but 2019 calls for a change to a cleaner look which can be achieved by using linear lighting.

An advantage with this type of lighting is the requirement of one junction box which means fewer holes in the ceiling.

Tip 3 – Linear lighting doesn’t always mean super modern or futuristic design, you should check Urban Lighting Sydney, their lighting solutions surely give a linear look by keeping the classic look intact.

4. Ditch the White Cabinetry

White cabinetry, walls and appliances have been a huge norm for kitchen design since decades, we can confidently say its no longer in vogue.

Using neutral colours which have a positive and optimistic effect can be achieved by a range of colours.

Tip 4 – Some of the chic neutral to go with are – Grey, black, mint green and coral blue to achieve a modern look which pleases every visitor or home-member in the kitchen.

5. Less is more for Hardware

Minimalism is the way forward where kitchen hardware trends are concerned. Even though traditional materials are more in trend, but hardware is disappearing.

Seamless and handle less cabinet doors are on the rise adding to the simplicity of the kitchen and it also lets the stone-counter tops shine.

Tip 5 – Spending a little more on granite counter tops and cabinet hardware is a better option than wasting money on chunky, over-the-top hardware.

There are so many more aspects which make a kitchen and we would love to listen to your ideas and comments about the above trends.


At Hardis we can help you make your dream kitchen into reality at an affordable cost.

With 30 years of industry experience, we promise the best custom made residential and commercial furniture solutions.

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