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A business associate once gave me invaluable advice.

He said, “Clear off your office desk every night before you leave. You’ll be thankful in the morning.”

Since then, I have tried to do that very thing every evening before I leave. And I have seen numerous benefits from the practice –

Freedom of Organisation: Not having folders and files all over the desk is an advantage as it gives you space to organise the desk according to your will and your to-do lists aren’t lost under a pile of folders.

Less Distraction: Sticky-notes, files, folders and business cards can easily divert our focus and lead to reduced productivity. The most important project is the one you’re currently working on.

Improved Reputation: A clean and organised desk indicates a clean and focused mind. You give out a vibe of an efficient and thorough person who doesn’t expect anything, but a job well done.

Every person would love to achieve the above to improve their efficiency at work, and we have compiled a list of 5 tips to organise your personal desk in your office.

1. Limit office items

This is the simplest of all tips, but it is also one that gets overlooked the most. Look around your desk surface and ask yourself “What doesn’t need to be here?”

Tip 1 – Personal items such as photos, calendars, supplies and food can be stored in an open cabinet under the surface, hence giving a clean look to your desk.

2. Drawers are a saviour

Drawers are a smart option, it helps you keep all your office supplies and necessities at arm’s reach without causing clutter on your desk surface. Storing your files and folders of the current projects in the top drawer, so you have easy access to all your documents is the way to go.

Tip 2 – Hardis manufactures top-quality 3 and 4 drawer cabinets which can satisfy your office storage needs.

3. Complete the project

Incomplete project can be your biggest enemy for desk organisation. Those incomplete files stay on our desks for weeks, making us lose focus on our current work and hence leading to loss of productivity.

Tip 3 – More than visual this affects an employee mentally as he will always be under the pressure of overload of work.

4. Its 2019, GO DIGITAL!

Tasks, contacts, calendars and important documents can all be stored digitally in a secure manner. Getting rid of sticky notes and unnecessary papers can be therapeutic and should be essential.

Tip 4 – Use project management software and digital sticky notes to get yourself organised.

5. Computer Desktop

Desk surface clutter isn’t the only thing blocking our path from complete efficiency. A messy computer desktop screen can be very confusing and can faze many people if they’re unable to find the right file in time.

Tip 5 – Start off my transferring files to folders and changing your desktop to a calming photo.

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