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Updated: Jun 28, 2019

A house is not a home if its not filled with books. While the norm is to stack books vertically, the rise of the #shelfie has meant a mix of upright and horizontal arrangements are turning the traditional into the more dynamic type.

This doesn’t mean that a stylish book shelf cannot be functional.

Here are 5 tips with some inspiration photos to style your bookshelf while maintaining its functionality.

1. Determine a color theme

Just as you would not pair your brown belt with black shoes, colors play an important role while styling a shelf.

The first thing you got to do is decide your base / core color for the bookshelf. It can be anything from black, white, beige or grey.

These neutrals need some pop, so decide two or three colors that would attract some attention. Don’t worry! Be braver than me.

Bookshelf style
Tip 1 – Natural hues of green and brown go extremely well with grey as the base color.

2. Perfect lighting

As the a perfect #selfie requires the perfect lighting, so does your #shelfie.

Even though white and bright lights might be harsh of selfies but they work great to brighten up your book shelf.

Natural light is the best form of lighting during the day time.

Shelf Lighting
Tip 2 – Avoid yellow lighting and dark photos or books as it gives an extremely gloomy feeling to the whole wall.

3. Be Quirky

Adding something unexpected or quirky can catch the eyes of visitors and guests.

Humor combined with the seriousness of books surely adds interest of the viewer.

quirky shelf
Tip 3 – Adding some memorabilia from your childhood can be a good idea as it portrays openness just as the shelf does.

4. Get Tropical

Following a theme is necessary to make a shelf look harmonious. Adding plants is an excellent place to start.

Natural elements like plants and pebbles backed by a leafy design wallpaper can really give your shelf a natural green look.

plants on shelf
Tip 4 – Choosing low-maintenance plants is a good idea as you don’t want to water the plants near your beloved books collection.

5. Diversity is key

Just like your stock portfolio, always diversify your bookshelf to get the best results.

Filling the entire shelf with books can seem overwhelming and if you fall short, it just looks empty and patchy.

Adding objects interest like candles, plants, photographs and memorabilia can add a personal touch to your bookshelf.

shelf variety
Tip 5 – Using 4 different types of items is an ideal number for designing a bookshelf. More would just clutter and take the viewers attention from the books.

It can be overwhelming trying to style your #shelfie all at once. The key is to take it step by step.

Follow these steps and add some of your own ideas in the comments section for others to view and engage with.

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