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Hotel renovations are a necessary dread of our industry to keep pace with the constantly changing interior design trends, star rating requirements, technological advancements and most importantly customer experience– this last point being especially important in this current era of disruption.

When it’s renovation time, remember to “expect the unexpected.” Smart planning is the key to a successful renovation because unexpected roadblocks can throw you over budget and off schedule.

Many hoteliers aren’t construction experts, so we’ve assembled a list of 5 tips that’ll help you through your next property renovation.

1. Well defined project scope

The renovation budget is determined by the scope and schedule of the work.

Involving your operations team is good idea as they know the guests and can provide valuable insight to assess the maximum impact the renovation will have on the guests.

project planning
Tip 1 – Maintaining an additional 5-10% as a contingency in the budget can be help tackle any surprise costs – weather related issues, etc.

2. Bidding for the right contractor

Obtaining multiple bids from reputable contractors who match your hotel’s brand essence is important.

Time is of utmost important during room renovations as the opportunity cost is increasing with every extra day.

A contractor is your single point of contact should understand the urgency and should possess a strong ability to turnaround your project.

construction worker
Tip 2 – Avoid going ahead with the lowest bid contractor as there are high chances of your project being delayed.

3. Advanced Planning is vital

Seemingly every aspect of the project can take longer than we all like to think it will.

Your key stakeholders – designers, architects and project planners are most probably having an extremely busy schedule causing your part of the project taking longer than expected to complete.

A hotel having a strong brand reputation, requires multiple inputs from the Top management which generally takes up to 2 months.

busy lady
Tip 3 – Avoid keeping tight deadlines allowing some room for unforeseen delays.

4. Build your Dream Team

Selecting the right team for a hotel renovation is vital to its success.

All the members need to be well versed with the hotel’s brand and the hospitality industry.

Consider conducting thorough interviews before appointing the project team.

office team happy
Tip 4 – Selecting a team with local members is a bonus as they have knowledge of the local labor and municipal policies which is helpful to speed things up during an unforeseen delay.

5. Communication is Key

Consistent communication with the teams is essential.

A project can take anywhere from a few months to several years and communication will keep everyone informed, eliminate challenges and keep the team engaged in the process.

public phone
Tip 5 – Communication for the guests is extremely important. Educate all the staff in the hotel about the renovation plans so they can guide the confused / angry guests in the Hotel.

At Hardis we can help you design and furnish your ideal hotel renovation into reality. With 30 years of industry experience, we promise the best custom made residential and commercial furniture solutions.

We have the ability and expertise to transform your large-scale hotel renovation within the time limit providing excellent value for your investment.

Visit our website today or shoot us a mail and let one of our experts help you take the first step towards your next hotel renovation project.

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