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There is no doubt that the Kitchen has become the heart of the modern home. It is the room where the family come together and bond together with conversation and food.

The ideal luxury kitchen can be imagined as you gathered among friends and family, sipping wine and nibbling on fancy finger-food with suave or bonding with your kids while they assist you to prepare a family meal.

But achieving this dream kitchen can be expensive as it’s the most expensive room for renovations. Don’t fear!

We have some tips which will help you achieve luxe for less.

1. Use a Luxe colour palette

If you see the work of luxury designers around the globe, they use lightly muted colours like charcoal instead of black, cream instead of white and champagne instead of gold.

Add to the complexity of the kitchen by using 2-3 colours which are close to each other to texture the whole look.

Tip 1- Adding texture is key to giving your kitchen a high-end look. Colours like white, cream and a very light beige are good options to create a visual interest in your kitchen.

2. Freshen up old cabinets with new hardware

If you’re not looking to invest in new cabinetry, get a new look with some new hardware.

Replacing cabinet door handles and quality hinges are a good place to start.

Don’t be afraid to mix metals like brass or nickel to give a slight traditional and classy look.

Tip 2 – Don’t worry if your sink has a chrome finish, you can yet experiment by using brass hardware.

3. Lighting Fixtures

Not having the budget to change other architectural features is fine but investing in quality lighting fixtures is a must to achieve the luxe look.

Install a dimmer or just ask your electrician for the same and set the mood in your kitchen during your next dinner get-together.

coastal kitchen
Tip 3- To keep it simple yet chic, get a globe fixture with freshly polished chrome or brass finishes.

4. Re-do the Splash-back

The splash-back wall makes the biggest statement in the Kitchen and is the one place where you shouldn’t be afraid to splurge.

It’s the part of the kitchen that showcases ‘YOU’ and your personal taste. Avoid using mortar if costs are high and replace with a cheaper adhesive.

concrete kitchen wall
Tip 4 – Some good options to attain the luxury look are subway tiles, herringbone and concrete which add a monochromatic feel to the kitchen.

5. Make it Aesthetic

Make the kitchen smell good, using a diffuser instead of expensive candles are a better option in the long-term as it makes the space smell more elegant and subtler with a touch of luxury.

aesthetic kitchen
Tip 5 – Add colour to the kitchen by adding fruit like lemon, green and red apples, alternating the pile of fruits with some fake fruits is a good idea giving it an attractive feel.

At Hardis we can help you make your dream kitchen into reality at an affordable cost.

With 30 years of industry experience, we promise the best custom made residential and commercial furniture solutions.

Visit our website today or shoot us a mail and let one of our experts make your kitchen dreams come true.

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