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With many different choices of hotel accommodations, it would do you well to start differentiating your hotel from the first point of contact.

Your hotel reception is the first thing your guests will see upon entering your hotel lobby.

What your guests sees, and experience will give him an idea of the hotels atmosphere and set expectations about their stay. And because one cannot make the first impression twice, it is worth trying to make it a favourable one.

You can’t personally greet every single guest who stays at your hotel. But you can give them the experience you want to create for them by evoking a feeling when they enter the reception area.

Here are Hardis’ 5 tips to design the perfect hotel reception to WOW’ your guests.

1. Comfort First

A typical hotel lobby guest can range from a tired traveller or a businessperson wanting to unwind after a long day of meetings to busy families needing space to arrange their belonging before they check in.

Creating a comfortable atmosphere is vital to make them feel relaxed. This can be achieved by keeping comfortable seating with large well-cushioned lounge chairs.

Tip 1 – Avoid making the area a socialising zone for guests as you DON’T want guests crowding in the reception causing a commotion and disruption to the entire check-in process.

2. Functional Entrance

Before entering the reception area, the guest must make their way through the front door making it extremely important to add functionality regardless of the size of your hotel.

An air-curtain combined with sliding doors is a good solution to stop excessive airflow from outside.

Tip 2 – Some 5-star hotels use separate entrances for guests allowing the porters to handle the security check of the luggage through a separate entrance.

3. Multi functional Reception Counter

Reception counters must not only be stylish and fancy to impress the guests but also functional and convenient for the users on the other side of the counter.

Design Tip – Stone, wood, glass and concrete are the basic and most widely used materials to build a reception counter. Maintaining the same colour tone for all the standing counters of the reception gives a contemporary and sleek look the counter

Functionality Tip – The inner side of the reception counter should have multiple concealed cabinets for the storage of – documents, wiring and electronics for the computers and other electronics. There should be enough storage for money boxes, first aid kits and promotion leaflets.

4. Strategic Backroom

The comfort of the reception staff is of equal importance as that of the guests, as it directly translates into the quality of the service provided to the guests.

Designing the backroom of a reception should consider space for spare clothing, sanitary facilities and access to fresh air and light.

Tip 4 – Designing a space for the staff to unwind and take short naps is a good option to improve their productivity and WOW your guests.

5. Smart Furniture

Hotel renovations cost a lot and the furniture is a major portion of that cost.

Investing in high quality and sustainable furniture is the best option to minimise this cost.

Wipe able furniture paired with darker-textured fabric is a good option to increase the longevity of the furniture without compromising on the style, comfort and design.

Tip 5 – use nylon glides or ski-legs for furniture that must moved regularly, hence protecting the furniture and the flooring of the hotel.

At Hardis we can help you design and furnish your ideal hotel renovation into reality. With 30 years of industry experience, we promise the best custom made residential and commercial furniture solutions.

We have the ability and expertise to transform your large-scale hotel renovation within the time limit providing excellent value for your investment.

Visit our website today or shoot us a mail and let one of our experts help you take the first step towards your next hotel renovation project.

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