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Are you close to buying your first home? Are you moving out of your home, into a rental, unfurnished property? Both are extremely special moments in our lives and making a property feel homely is important.

Furnishing and decorating your home so it feels like ‘YOU’ is fun but can get stressful if you don’t know where to begin.

Here are 5 tips for Furnishing and Decorating your First Home considering you would have already paid a significant amount on mortgage or rental deposits.

1. Research your style

Use social media and interior design magazines to research the style / theme you want in your First Home.

Its 2019, and furniture trends are evolving faster than fashion. There are numerous options – minimalist, retro, contemporary, coastal or just glamorous.

Once you have identified what style mirrors YOU, make a list of some core items of furniture that defines the style.

Industrial style lights
Tip 1 – If you plan for an industrial look, then you will try and source unfinished materials like steel or timber in neutral colors and well-defined shapes.

2. Buy Essentials First

This should be the most obvious tip in this list but it’s the most important one if you don’t plan to go over budget.

Getting caught up in the excitement of moving in can lead to purchasing everything you need at once, which can soon lead to buyers regret and end up with you selling the furniture for a loss.

POS counter
Tip 2 – Avoid using a revolving credit account to buy every piece of furniture as you might be paying for it even after selling it.

3. Functionality in Furniture

Is your First home a long-term or short-term investment? Do you have pets? Do you spill spaghetti on your couch? Don’t tell us about them but think about it your self when deciding the type of furniture that suits your lifestyle requirement.

It is difficult to ignore the urge of buying what you want rather than what you need.

There is nothing wrong in making indulgent choices, just make sure they’re functional and compliment the style of your Home.

man spilling
Tip 3 – If you have pets or kids in the house, investing in a white swede couch is not the best solution in terms of long term maintenance.

4. Be open-minded while decorating

Make decorating plans before you head out to shop. Buy neutral colors which can fit in any style no matter how you decorate it.

Sometimes you may find something like what you need but not exactly what you had pictured in your mind.

But keeping an open mind and taking a holistic approach is important.

funky art
Tip 4 – While shopping for furniture, think about if you could make it look like what you want it to be by either giving it a fresh coat of paint or re-upholstering it.

5. Don’t Dawdle

If you are looking for some used furniture online, don’t waste much time and arrange an inspection immediately.

Some second-hand gems at low prices can go away quickly.

When visiting second hand furniture stores, conduct a thorough quality check and purchase it. Just because it here today doesn’t mean it will be there tomorrow.

old radio
Tip 5 – While inspecting furniture quality steer clear of tattering upholstery, rough screws or chipped paint work.

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