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Australians are blessed with kilometres of coastline, so it's natural we love the beachy, relaxed vibe in our own homes.

There are some easy ways to create a cool coastal decorating style at your place, making it a space you want to be in.

Coastal kitchen designs can either be beachy and casual or elegant and contemporary but either way they send an invitation to slow down and embrace our relaxed summer lifestyle.

If you can’t wait for the summer to arrive, we have compiled a list of coastal kitchen inspiration tips to get the breezy, beachy look while we wait for warmer months.

1. Beachy Colours

The primary colour palette of a coastal style kitchen features white backdrops paired with vanilla themed tones to create a cool and calm feeling allowing the colours to take centre stage in a subtle manner. Introduce colours through your cabinetry.

Considering muted shades of green and blue keeping the entire kitchen theme neutral from the walls to the ceilings.

Tip 1 – Laminex has options to give your kitchen a warm or cool coastal look as shades of whites can vary with the feel you like to achieve.

2. Coastal Themed Furniture

Coastal themed kitchens are generally associated with a space for family bonding and unwinding.

Large lounges paired with neutral toned covers give the room a comfortable look and improves the furniture upholstery’s life span.

Having some pieces of timber furniture enhances the look by giving an aged and comfortable look to the entire room.

Tip 2 – La Maison has a wide variety of new range of furniture which will help you choose the appropriate furniture to match this theme.

3. Don’t cheap out on Décor

Coastal kitchen décor is more than just shells and pieces of driftwood.

Of course, they add to the beachy feel, but you don’t have to cram your kitchen by going overboard with them.

Minimising on the above-mentioned decoration paired with nautical picture frames and glass vases or bottles can add a subtle feel to the room achieving the coastal style.

Tip 3 – Rugs are an amazing option to add colour and texture to the room. The Rug Emporium can provide a multitude of options to achieve this look.

4. Go Tropical to Feel Tropical

The way to feel tropical is by using large indoor tropical plants which blue out the lines between the indoor and outdoor sections.

Achieve an island paradise look by using oversized plants with glossy leaves as green goes very well with white or neutral backgrounds.

The wooden furniture, white background and green leaves makes us miss the coastal national parks in NSW.

Tip 4 – Home of Houseplants is a boutique grower and take pride in bringing home owners joy by providing rare plants to many Australian states.

5. Let is Breeze

This is the easiest and most valuable tip to achieve a coastal kitchen.

The best way to get this vibe is by opening the windows and blinds and allowing the natural light and breeze to enter the room.

White backdrops can really help reflect the natural sunlight which makes the room feel bigger

Tip 5 – Replacing curtains or blinds with soft sheers which move with the breeze is an ideal way to achieve this coastal look.

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