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The kitchen is the place where you spend most of your time at home- making breakfast, dinner, snacks and lunches for work or school. It is also the area to entertain your guests – it’s the heart of the home where you catch up with your family on a daily basis.

But has your kitchen give you any sign recently about a desperate need for a renovation?

We’ve listed five quick signs to help you determine when to undergo a kitchen renovation.


1. Not enough space for family-time

The kitchen is the heart of the home; it is the place where everyone comes together to eat, relax and share stories from their day.

One common indicator that your kitchen isn’t big enough for your family is that you frequently find yourself alone in it.

Consider an open kitchen plan to free up space and encourage social interactions which will bring your family closer.

Tip 1 - If you have enough space, consider sectioning off an area with a large rug and placing sofas and a coffee table on it.

2. Too much effort to clean

You will be the first one to know if your kitchen is high maintenance.

A kitchen should be anything but dirty.

Stained bench tops, peeling surfaces or deep grout lines are all signs for an update.

kitchen cleaning equipement
Tip 2 - Invest in new counter tops, modern appliances, and quality flooring that can be wiped clean in a jiffy.

3. Counter top Clutter

Lack of counter space is up there in terms of tiny-kitchen frustrations.

If you find yourself resorting to counter space to store utensils or food, then you need to re-examine your storage options.

Still, it’s easier than you might think to increase your bench top surface area.

Kitchen top clutter
Tip 3 - Move infrequently used items up high, to that often-underutilized space above the kitchen cabinets.

4. Gloomy Kitchen

Kitchens are supposed to be warm and inviting, but nothing ruins the appetite like squinting to see your food.

Bad lighting can make your kitchen dreary and depressing. Lighting can make or break the ambiance of your new kitchen.

Take the time to plan the appropriate lighting for your space. Ask for help from your kitchen designer or lighting specialist.

gloomy kitchen
Tip 4- Natural light is another consideration. Kitchen owners should take advantage of daylight whenever possible. If structural restrictions don’t allow for a window in the kitchen, find a way to filter light in from an adjacent room.

5. Embarrassed to play Host

Do you refuse to host parties or dinners over the weekend?

Is it because of lack of functionality or does it look more like a haunted house because of the shoddy appliances.

Get a modern look for your kitchen by starting a renovation today and entertain your guests with confidence.

Man alone in kitchen
Tip 5 – Investing in a modern kitchen style with sleek cabinets and high-end appliances can be one the best investments you have would’ve made in a while.

If your kitchen is showing one or more of the above signs. It needs a renovation.

At Hardis we can help you make your dream kitchen into reality.

With 30 years of industry experience, we promise the best custom made residential and commercial furniture solutions.

Are you a D.I.Y furniture enthusiast? View our kitchen cabinets collection on the hardis.DIY page today.

Visit our website today or shoot us a mail and let one of our experts make your kitchen dreams come true.

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