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Retail technology is a long game and advancing innovations can be on the rise for a very long time.

Robotics; drone delivery; e-commerce anti-fraud tools; block chain and bitcoin; and virtual/digital assistants.

Many of those technologies have yet to see wide adoption.

Tech to compete against a disruptive Amazon will continue to be central to retailers' strategy in 2019.

But it isn't the only thing that will appear on retailers’ tech shopping list.

While you can expect to see more holographic 3-D images at malls and stores to wow you, these five retail technology trends will have a more lasting impact.

1. Rise of Robotics

It is one of the hottest tech topics since the past year at multiple expos as many big players have found their use in their supply chain systems.

This has till date remained a hot-topic and there hasn’t been any proof of widespread application and adoption by majority of the companies for in-store and delivery options.

Fact 1 – Google is one of the first brands in the world who’s drone delivery service has been granted approval in the Australian capital city of Canberra.

They will be allowed to deliver – food, drinks, medication and locally made coffee and chocolates.

2. Product Customisation

Technology has allowed brands to connect more with their customers by allowing them to customise the products they wish to purchase.

No, we don’t mean allowing customers to emboss their initials on the new tablet, but we are referring to allowing customers to design the entire product from scratch to the very last detail.

This technology upgrade has allowed brands to understand their customer needs much better and evoke a feeling of ownership among customers who feel like designers and contributors.

Fact 2 – Nike is a leader since a while for complete customisation with their ‘NIKE id’ and ‘Nike By You’ technologies which allows customers to start on blank canvas and customise every aspect of the shoes, from the material to the colour and the utility of the shoe.

This feature can be accessed online and in-store and takes about 3-5 weeks for delivery.

3. The Rise of Augmented Reality

This technology has been used by multiple brands in multiple industries to cater to their customers.

But only a few have successfully implemented it upgrading their business.

This is big trend in the furniture retail industry.

Customers hate making mistakes and wasting their time with a wrong purchase which doesn’t look as good as they had imagined and spoils the entire aesthetic of the room.

Fact 3 – IKEA is a leader in using AR in-store, allowing customers to pick their ideal product on the app and placing 3-D renders of the furniture in their room, sitting in the comfort of their home and can get the product delivered to their doorstep with an option of self or professional installation.

4. Buy online – Pick up in store (BOPIS)

This is a trend many brands jumped onto earlier last year.

BOPIS is not a new concept but may be adopted by mass brands by late 2019.

The early adopters of this technology are yet refining their approach and are reaping the benefits of convenience created for the customer.

Many brands know if they don’t understand this technology completely and don’t pair it with the right marketing and sales techniques can really hurt user experience.

Fact 4 – Brands like Walmart have paired BOPIS with other technological advancements like driver less cars where a customer can be driven back and forth from their home to the store to pick up their groceries for that big dinner.

5. Automated Checkout

Many brands have adopted cashier-less checkouts for their retail stores.

The new trend being adopted by brands like Amazon for their upcoming retail expansion plan allows users to scan their products on their device and complete the purchase and just walk out of the store without forced human interaction.

They won’t ditch the cashier checkouts as cash payments are yet a big part in Australian shopping.

Fact 5 – Big retail players like Coles and Woolworths are taking huge strides to upgrade them in-store and online shopping experience using this technology and might remain the major players using it for a while to come.

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