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Where you work has an enormous impact on how you work – on your ability to focus and your overall ability to be productive.

Your employees spend a lot of time in the office on any given working day – maybe even more time than they do at home. That said, having a sense of convenience and comfort while working in the office are primary concerns for many.

According to studies done on workplace and productivity, the most significant factor in determining an employee’s ability to focus is their physical environment. In fact, it’s been said that a well-designed office can increase your productivity about 20%.

We have come up with 5 Office Design Tips to Improve your office productivity:

1. Dynamic spaces combined with flexibility

Dynamic work spaces have never gone out of trend.

More and more companies are integrating flexible work areas to minimize restriction and allowing employees to work where or how they want to.

As minimal restrictions are a primary feature of this design the office furniture can be rearranged easily.

This is very appealing to employees as they aren’t confined to traditional work stations.

Tip 1 – Replace some work stations with office couches where employees can sit on their laptops

2. Integrate cutting-edge technology

Technology is the primary factor that influences the way people and businesses function.

A technologically enabled office format can improve employee efficiency and hence benefit your business.

Technology can be used to help employees solve their problems by eliminating any communication and collaboration barriers which can affect critical business areas.

Video conference camera
Tip 2 – To improve collaboration include presentation screens, wireless charging ports, smart boards and video conferencing capabilities.

3. Improve the Lighting

Poor lighting at a workplace can cause fatigue, headaches and stress which can lead to employee burnout.

Improving the lighting is the easiest change you can make in the office to improve the productivity and mood.

A study found out that employees that sit near the window sleep better at night and hence can perform better the next day.

Of course, its not easy to accommodate everyone next to the window, hence indirect lighting can be installed.

Office board room with natural lighting
Tip 3 – If possible, provide natural light to employees – its bright, its free and it makes people happy

4. Invest in Ergonomic Furniture

Sitting at one place for most of your workday can lead to stiffness of the neck, backaches and strained eyes.

Preventing this from happening is extremely important and the best solution for you is investing in ergonomic office furniture.

Its important to make sure that the furniture your employees sit on are designed for sitting on for a long period of time.

A correctly fitted chair improved productivity and employees are happier and healthier.

conference room chairs
Tip 4 – Office chairs should provide a multitude of adjustable positions, including lumbar support, height, and recline settings.

5. Eliminate clutter and install proper storage

Your office is not only the place where you get work done, it is also the face of your business. Accumulating endless piles of paper leads to clutter.

A tidy and organised office space is good for impressing clients and improving employee productivity.

The ideal way to de-clutter is to add proper storage.

cluttered desk
Tip 5 – Bookcases, shelving and cabinets offer centralized space to store all your files and paperwork in one place

At Hardis we can help you design and furnish your ideal work space into reality.

With 30 years of industry experience, we promise the best custom made residential and commercial furniture solutions.

Visit our website today or shoot us a mail and let one of our experts help you take the first step towards designing your ideal work space.

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