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You've decided on your kitchen layout, you've chosen your cabinetry, door hardware, tap ware and appliances but you just can't decide on the kitchen bench top finish you want.

With so many materials available, choosing the right kitchen bench top can be somewhat overwhelming and is a decision that is influenced by several factors:

  • The style of your kitchen: modern, country, industrial, coastal?

  • Your cooking style and how often you use your kitchen?

  • Whether your kitchen doubles as an entertaining space.

  • Your budget: some materials cost way more than others.

  • Your threshold for maintenance: High or low?

Different materials are good for different reasons, so we've picked out five popular bench top finishes to help you make the right choice for your kitchen.

1. Stone

Pros: No other material or finish gives the right balance between style and functionality than Natural Stone.

It is visually striking and has excellent heat resisting properties.

Cons: Natural stone can easily be damaged by anything acidic – lemon juice, tomatoes, red wine and even some coloured materials can easily leave a mark.

2. Laminate

Pros: laminate bench tops are the best option if you’re on a tight budget or if your kitchen needs a subtle revamp.

They are available in multiple colours and materials which mimic wood or stone.

Cons: Laminates always come in set-lengths or sizes and if your bench top is bigger than the standard size, you might notice some joint lines in the corners.

3. Quartz

Pros: They are the best natural option providing quality and style for bench tops.

They provide a luxe finish and are most common in high-end kitchen designs.

Caesarstone is one of the top brands in Australia offering a vast range of stone tops adding drama and contrast to your kitchen.

Cons: If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen on a tight budget, these might not be the best option to go forward with.

4. Seamless Surfaces

Pros: If you’re going for a contemporary look which features seamless surfaces throughout your kitchen then Corian has amazing solid-surface solutions which help achieving just that.

They provide multiple options in colours and thickness of the slab.

Cons: If your island or bench top has multiple appliances, integrating all of them with the bench top can be a little challenging if the installation team isn’t experience enough.

5. Stainless Steel

Pros: If your kitchen priorities include – heat resistance, porosity and hygiene, then stainless steel is the way to go. They are economical and highly functional.

Cons: Scratches on steel surfaces are inevitable and that is something you will have to continue to live with till you plan your next kitchen renovation or revamp.

There are so many more aspects which make a kitchen and we would love to listen to your ideas and comments about the above trends.

At Hardis we can help you make your dream kitchen into reality at an affordable cost.

With 30 years of industry experience, we promise the best custom made residential and commercial furniture solutions.

Visit our website today or shoot us a mail and let one of our experts make your kitchen dreams come true.

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