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In a world governed by technology, we are convinced that people are the ones who make a difference. That's why we're selecting the right team to work with the best machines.

Competence and preparation,  inspiration and obligation, gratitude and sense of belonging to a successful team: these are the ideals of our work that are passed down from generation to generation. People and society need to grow together, this is the only way to go a long way.

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Hardis has been implementing its own Health & Safety Management System for years, in compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) standards. The standard outlines the requirements to monitor and improve the performance of potential risks and hazards at the workplace in relation to these factors.

Over the years, the implementation of this standard has allowed the company to achieve positive results in terms of risk control and reduced frequency and severity of accidents, thus improving the conditions at work, leading to increased personnel satisfaction and a better company climate.

Success with this programme as been accomplished through the participation of all aspects of the enterprise, while at the same time developing the health and safety plan and identifying the appropriate priorities and processes.

Hardis routinely performs several internal inspections on a yearly basis at its headquarters and manufacturing facilities to check the safety and health practises of the workforce, to properly avoid the possibility of accidents and to track regulatory and other specifications with vigilance and urgency.

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Hardis believes that transparent ethical and effective conduct is necessary for the proper management of client operations. This requires not only upholding the various laws and regulations in place, but also taking into account the desires and preferences of the various stakeholders.

Beginning in 2000, the Company introduced a Code of Ethics that describes the set of values that it respects, embraces and applies in the conduct of its activities at all the levels of the company. The principles and guidelines of this Code of Ethics are the basic requirements of integrity, fairness and loyalty that warrant the quality and actions of the workplace.