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History has the potential to change time and space. In 30 years, we've grown from a small-one man business to a company with more than 200 employees. We set our from Australia to enter China and from there to the rest of the world.

Despite our rapid evolution, something has not changed: the cornerstone of an experienced business and the strong identity of Made in Australia. We're stretching our wings without losing our roots

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The first move was to specialise in the creating part facing cabinet materials which quickly became the company's core market. This winning insight was accompanies by an extension of the customer base and a new thermo-laminating press improving the product line of the company

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New technologies and automation offer great chances, which became the strategic incentives of our growth. Huge investments have deeply changed production which has led the company to be a leader in its sector.

G.H.D Fittings partnered with D&Y Group, setting up a new office in Castle Hill, NSW, expanding their business to Full Home Renovations.

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Hardis currently has 10 showrooms throughout China with an ever-increasing workforce of 200 people and plan to expand to the rest of Asia by the end of the year with an efficient organisational set-up and rationalised production flows to meet all the needs and achieve better performances.


Right from the beginning, Hardis (G.H.D Fittings in 1989) has combined the virtues of an area with a strong furniture-making tradition with a decidedly innovation approach.

In 1989, Gary, with his first business venture, began developing his own personal vision: to turn existing manufacturing standards into a cutting-edge industrial process, using the latest technologies and producing items in large quantities.

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This was the period that made the difference. The size, the know-how and the original items produced too the company beyond Australian borders. The time had come to start exporting and working hand in hand with leading international players. 

G.H.D Fittings now launched a new product line of ready-to-assemble furniture for all the spaces in the Home.

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The constant growth is always linked to a continuous improvement: Hardis invested $30 million into a manufacturing unit in China to begin the global expansion. A 40,000 sq. m factory in Quanzhou, China with state-of-the-art HOMAG C.N.C Machinery enabled us to improve our product line and several activities with the company.