Canva - Rectangular White Wooden Kitchen




The products are manufactured in a perfect balance between functionality and style. We organise and furnish from the smallest to the largest residential spaces, using the latest trends in interior design.


In the kitchen, we express modern lifestyles with essential design, linear geometries and functional elements that are always functional without losing any details or original solutions.

The kitchen is often of a traditional style, with glass doors, wood grain finishes and natural colours. There are always a special craft care or an authentic and timeless style.


We think it's important to spend your time in a cosy environment. That's why we're providing so many options and diverse styles that bring your personality to the living area.


We bring form and design to the sleeping area, creating a full suite of bedrooms that satisfy any practical requirement.

Wardrobes and cabinets feature bedrooms and children's rooms with a wide range of external finishes and interior accessories.

Traditional or modern, we can customise your sleeping area.


Unlimited stylistic freedom is what characterises the new frontier of interior design, i.e. the bathroom area. Solutions are found to organise even the smallest space, without compromising aesthetics.



We deliver ultra-effective and functional commercial furniture solutions. We specialise in office, hospitality and retail store furniture.


Renovating your office or commercial space can help give your business; space, features. tech and brand presence that you need.



When you're running a hotel, you need to stay on top of the latest trends and styles; your customers expect it! If you need help choosing the right design to match your aesthetic, our customer service experts can help.

If you already know exactly what you want, bring us your plans and let us bring them to life before your very eyes with our wide range of furniture for the Hospitality sector.



If you're starting a new shop, relocating an existing one or just need a fresh new layout, Hardis can help. We can send our experienced shop-fitting staff to review the location and draft layouts visualising the equipment in their proposed space.

We can provide suggestions on the best equipment to use to maximise both space and efficiency to craft a perfectly synergized retail environment